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Great Tech Support

Thank You for the great tech support. Kudos! One of the very reasons I have been with Rackforce for a number of years.

Sherwood Ensey

RackForce Allows Me To Focus

I pride myself in offering exceptional products and services to my customers and RackForce is the perfect compliment to my already high standards. The product, service and support I receive from RackForce allows me to focus on my customers, not if my servers are up or not. Thank you RackForce.

Luke Pittman

Dedication To Service And Support Has Been Excellent

We have been with Rackforce for several years for our entire hosting business, and have found the new enterprise cloud system to be first rate. Their dedication to service and support has been excellent and the stability of the infrastructure has allowed us to grow our business.

Ryan Anstey
XPC Web Hosting Ltd.

Tech Support is AWESOME!

Your Tech Support is AWESOME! I just wanted to let you guys know how great my experience with Rackforce tech support has been. You guys have helped me through the a series of issues on the server and worked around the clock to get the server up and working again. Keep up the great work

Barbara Carroll

First Rate Service

My compliments to your staff on providing a truly first rate service. It is refreshing to come across a company who puts such a high emphasis on providing reliability and customer satisfaction.

Steve Kelly

Support Has Been Superb

I have been with RackForce now for a couple of years and their support has been superb. Support tickets are responded to within a matter of minutes by techies who really know their stuff. I also like the way you can scale up and down your hosting package in line with your requirement with no downtime or inconvenience.

Greg Sutton

Rock Solid Servers

Just wanted to take a moment an tell you how pleased I am with your server and especially the support you provide. I am extremely happy that I made the decision to switch all of our hosting account from our old provider to your company. Your servers are rock solid, your network performance and support are far beyond what my expectation were. Keep up the good work and if you need references, I would be glad to share my experiences.

Ken Wells

Very Impressed

I am very impressed with how quickly your team takes care of any problems. It is refreshing.

David R.

My Confidence Is High

You guys have done a great job over the past week of helping get this migration completed on 2 fronts. I cannot express enough how comforting it has been to know that having problems and having help solving them from the support staff at RackForce helping to fix, adjust and remedy all situations has been. What is even more comforting is known that RF did all of this without a moment of thought for charging for services. The above process has validated my move to migrate from my other provider to you folks and assures me that my 2007 plans of adding additional servers with RF will be the right choice. My confidence is high and you are more than welcome to use my comments to attribute your work for others.

Glen Grant

No Muss No Fuss

RackForce has proven to be a no muss, no fuss hosting provider. It works well, support is prompt and effective, and I can focus on the site itself. I highly recommend them.

Heinz Hemken