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Customer Resources

Customer Support is the backbone of RackForce. RackForce believes most customers are capable of managing their own servers that's why RackForce offers "Self Managed" server solutions. This represents major savings to RackForce's customers. RackForce ensures you have the best infrastructure for your goals and needs. You administer your leased/rented infrastructure the way you want, while knowing you have guidance and support 24/7/365 from RackForce. An example of our commitment to support RackForce will respond to your posted ticket within 15 minutes.

Where to go to get the support RackForce provides:

  • Blog - This is a great place to find out what's new in the RackForce world. You are welcome to post a response to any post.
  • Customer Service Center (CSC) - RackForce has a Customer Support Center (CSC) where all questions, support, orders, upgrades, migrations, changes, account info, and all other technical and billing info is securely accessible.