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vRealize Automation

VMware vRealize® Automation Center helps customers rapidly deploy and provision cloud services across private and public clouds, physical infrastructures, hypervisors and public cloud providers.

Giving businesses the flexible IT solutions that they need for their business. Our framework helps transform your existing IT infrastructure into scalable IaaS and PaaS using existing IT investments and established policies and processes.


  • Improved service delivery from days to hours
  • Go live in 60 days
  • Standardized processes and eliminated manual processing
  • Enabled IT resources to be refocused on more productive tasks than building servers.

Key Benefits

  • Self-service catalogue – Request and manage your compute resources within established operational policies. IT service delivery time is cut down to minutes!
  • Intelligent Resource Management – Higher IT resource utilization through placement, prevention and reclamation of resources across virtual, physical and cloud resources.
  • Unified cloud management – Seamlessly spans multi-vendor private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Automated service delivery – Automates complete lifecycle management of application and IT services while leveraging existing infrastructure, tools, and processes.
  • Policy-based governance engine – Drives the placement, approvals and resource allocation of services to enforce business policies.
  • Flexible automation platform- Customizes service delivery automation to meet the needs of each business by modifying the governance policies.


  • vRealize is included as part of vCloud Suite Enterprise.
  • vCloud is also available on a standalone basis, priced per managed system.