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Managed Support - Overview


RackForce managed support options provide customers the benefit of choosing from three service levels that best align with their technical and business needs. You can choose our Basic support if you want to retain all server management responsibilities. Or leverage Co-Managed or Fully Managed support if maximizing server availability and reducing your infrastructure support workload are your key goals.

Basic Support

This is suited for clients who are self-sufficient and seeking to retain full ownership and responsibility for managing their Virtual Data Centre or Dedicated Servers*. This level is useful for less critical applications where the customer has adequate self-support capabilities, and for dynamic environments such as development & test.

*Issues supported by RackForce are primarily limited to the base hardware infrastructure.

*Dedicated Server and Virtual Data Centre customers seeking a higher level of server resiliency can move up to Co-Managed Support

Co-managed Support

This is our base support level on RackForce Cloud Virtual Machines. Clients are provided an array of standard features that increase manageability and monitoring of server operation. Key features such as automated alerting and performance dashboards deliver valuable insight into the state and performance of customer's servers. Notable features:

  • Automated, proactive alerts such as hardware or threshold events, process events, etc
  • Real-time, web-based dashboards with useful resource utilization views for vpu, memory, storage and network
  • Historical reporting

Fully Managed Support

Customers seeking to streamline their IT operations can select our Fully Managed Support. With this level RackForce performs the majority of server management tasks (up to the OS), freeing customer resources to focus on other priorities more unique and strategic to their business.

With Fully Managed Support you'll receive more tailored automated alerting, dashboards and reporting features than with Co-managed Support. Plus, RackForce takes a more proactive and comprehensive role in maintaining the server, including OS patch management.

This Support level is optional on all RackForce Server products.

Key features of our Fully Managed Support level are:

  • Automated, proactive alerting of events
  • RackForce incident and problem management
  • Customized dashboards and reporting
  • OS patch management