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Cloud Virtual Machine


RackForce's Cloud portfolio provides attractive options regardless of where you are on your Cloud adoption journey. We provide a broad suite of server, storage and network services with extensive granularity. This enables you to leverage Cloud for uses ranging from small dev/test/sandbox environments, to high performance, high availability platforms supporting mission critical applications.

Cloud Virtual Machines are designed for maximum scalability and performance, supporting complex enterprise requirements. It's delivered on the latest Intel-based hardware and scales to 24 vCPU and 96GB RAM per cloud VM, in a High Availability configuration. Features included are automated alerting, a real-time monitoring dashboard, and historical reporting.

Get the flexibility and cost effectiveness needed to support your dynamic business. Cloud Hosting Services support all storage products and shared storage across cloud servers and colocation in the same environment. See our storage options below:

  • High Transaction: when your applications require the highest levels of performance choose our High Transaction storage option. It's delivered on blazing fast solid state disk (SSD) and offers performance advantages over spinning disk storage products. It's specially designed for applications with high input / output and small block size workloads with high performance databases.
  • Performance: support the majority of your application use cases and databases with significant workload profiles.
  • Archive: provides an economical solution for large storage requirements where input / output requirements are lower. For example, data backup, archiving, or workloads with large sequential reads such as video streaming.