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Cloud Backup - Technology

Extremely Efficient - True Delta™

The quantity of a typical company's data only changes by 0.1% to 0.5% per day. RackForce Cloud Backup utilizes True Delta™ technology which takes advantage of advanced data de-duplication to only backup new or changed data. This dramatically decreases backup times and network usage.

VMware Backup

RackForce Cloud Backup provides a complete solution for VMware Virtual Machine Backup - Snapshots of your VMs can be made using RackForce Cloud Backup.

  • Application Aware Snapshots
  • RackForce Cloud Backup Client handles the backup procedure from the ESX host
  • Faster restores of entire Virtual Machines


Having a copy of the backup data available locally, as well as in the RackForce Cloud, can simplify and speed data restores. The optional LocalSpeedVault™ feature provides the ability to keep a copy of your backup data on a local server or network share, as well as in the RackForce Cloud. This enables faster recovery of your data when a restore is required.

  • Backup data is available both locally and in the Cloud, providing an extra level or resiliency
  • Data restores can be performed faster